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Truth Sports Basketball Skills Camp
Giving student athletes the knowledge and understanding of what it takes to get to the next level.

This 2-day skills and development camp will provide you with what it takes to be effective in all areas of the game. You will receive knowledge and strategies that will aid you in having a positive impact on any roster and on any team.

In addition to basketball expertise, we will also provide life skills that will enable you to develop into being a well-rounded leader. We tune into your character and show how it is transferable to your on-court skills.

Become an all-around, impactful student-athlete through this diverse and rigorous 2-day skills development camp.

When: October 12th - October 13th
Where: October 12th @ Eastridge Highschool
October 13th @ East Irondequoit Middle School
Age Category: 3-8th Grade Boys & Girls
Player Limit: 40
Cost: $65.00

What You'll Learn:
Ball handling that gives you the understanding of ball positioning, ball protection, and most importantly ball control.
Passing that teaches you how to pass, when to pass, and where to pass.
Shooting that entails form shooting and strategies to become a more consistent, reliable shooter.
Defensive strategies to keep the offensive player in front so that you do not get blown past down the floor. *Also what coaches don’t like in a defensive player
Overall basketball IQ to understand how to properly play the game and take your game to the next level.
Speed and agility drills that enhance your athlete’s athleticism to aid in making them a better all-around athlete.
Goal Setting to encourage and teach athletes how to set S.M.A.R.T (Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely) goals to help your athlete to achieve their long-term visons with short-term motivation.
Failure speech as a group, we discuss how failure has the capacity to propel your athlete forward rather than holding him or her back

Meet Your Coaches

Jeremiah Williams
Founder of Truth Sports, Coach Jeremiah Williams is native to Grand Rapids, Michigan. He played basketball for 2 years of his college career at Vincennes University, earning an Associates in Business & Administration. From there, he went on to play his last 2 years of his college career playing D1 basketball at Canisius College in Buffalo, New York earning a Bachelors in Communications & Digital Arts. After college, Jeremiah played professionally for the Toronto Raptors G-League team and also played for Wellington Basketball Club, a Canadian FIBA team located in Ontario, Canada. While playing professionally, Jeremiah was offered the position of Associate Head Coach of the Olivet College Men’s Basketball Team where he still currently coaches. Jeremiah has a passion for coaching players on and off the court. He is determined to make a lasting impact on student athlete’s personal development and overall success in basketball and in life. Coach Jeremiah seeks to push you to reach your fullest potential.

Taylor Crocetti
Co-Founder of Truth Sports, Coach Taylor Crocetti is native to Rochester, New York. Taylor attended 2 years at Canisius College and is finishing up her Bachelors in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching at Arizona State University. Taylor is a CrossFit Level 1 Certified Trainer. She has experience training athletes in elementary school all the way to the college and professional level. Coach Taylor has a passion for strength and conditioning and is committed to bringing out the best in each athlete both mentally and physically. She believes that an athlete’s character and work ethic play a detrimental role in the progress and success of each athlete. Her goal is to not only make her athlete’s physically strong, but mentally tough as well.

Steve Crocetti
Coach Steve is native to Rochester, New York. Steve has 20 years of coaching experience. He is currently the West Irondequoit Assistant Varsity Coach for basketball and softball. He also coaches modified volleyball at West Irondequoit. Throughout his 20 years of coaching he has coached a total of 40 different teams alongside 4 D1 athletes. Coach Steve desires for all his athletes to excel in sports while growing as people. He finds purpose in helping these athletes mature into healthy, productive adults. Coach Steve specializes on discipline and the details of the game.

Savannah Crocetti
Coach Savannah is a native to Rochester, New York. She has 14 years of basketball experience. Savannah graduated from West Irondequoit High School and went on to play D1 basketball at Syracuse University. Her time at Syracuse led to a Conference Championship and the school’s first appearance at the Final Four finishing 2nd at the NCAA Tournament. Savannah is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting at St. John Fisher College. Savannah’s passion for the game is both motivational and inspirational to all athletes.

Things athletes will need:
• Gym sneakers
• A change of clothes
• Water bottle
• Spending money (Gatorade, snacks, etc.) -To avoid lost money, campers can make deposits each day at check-in. Remaining unspent money will be returned on the last day of camp.
• Snacks
• Towel 

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