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Welcome to Truth Sports Enhancement Training

The difference between a good athlete and a great athlete is in large, their athleticism. Truth Sports believes in aiding our student-athlete’s natural skill level by enhancing their strength, endurance, stamina, agility, speed, balance, hand-eye coordination, stability, flexibility/mobility and most importantly, work ethic. We believe in starting this process as young as possible, so our athletes are equipped to build their athletic success off a solid foundation. Our training programs hold a great emphasis on training our athletes to become stronger and faster with proper form. We don’t want a quick fix; we desire to help enable our athletes the opportunity to have longevity in their chosen sport. The best way to prevent injury is to work with trainers outside of the specified sport and improve an athlete’s all-around athleticism. Our Sports Enhancement Training is individualized for each specific sport instead of a “one-size fits all” mantra. Dependent on the athlete’s specific weaknesses and strengths, we specialize our workouts and programming toward what will aid in them becoming a more effective player. We believe in the individualism and uniqueness each sport and athlete carry and providing the necessary programming that will enhance the athlete’s performance in their sport. Everything we do has purpose and will transfer over to the bigger picture of what each athlete is desiring to accomplish. We have partnered with Great Lakes Health & Fitness in order to provide quality training by having access to a broad range of diverse, effective equipment 24/7.

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