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Coaches that are registering as a team must have game uniforms. Custom team uniform can be purchased though Truth Sports at an additional cost. 
-Please email: [email protected] if needed.

Please have all checks made out to “Truth Sports”.

Admission Costs- $3 per person or a family pass for $10 (5 years and younger are free) *If games are cancelled due to weather, we will attempt to make games up; However, there is no guarantee that they will and there will be no refunds.


***Each team will be given 2 passes to avoid admission cost during the 7 week league.


League Rules

1) Five minute Warm-up. 

2) 18 minute running clock halves. Clock will stop the last minute of each half unless the lead is more than 20 points.

3) Five minute halftime (may be shortened if agreed upon by coaches). 

4) Sudden Death overtime with a 2 minute running clock limit or will result in a tie. 

5) Free Throws shot-1 shot for X amount of points whether it was a 2pt or 3pt shot. 

6) Free throws will be shot in their entirety for actual points when the clock is stopped in the last minute of each half. 

7) Personal and team fouls will be kept and the Bonus will be used at the 7th team foul in both the first and second halves.

8) Man-to-Man or Zone Defense can be played by all teams.

9) In Man-to-Man defenses, help defense and help on screens is allowed but once the primary defender recovers then the help defender should get back to their man. This may create a temporary double team and the officials will only stop play if they feel the double team was intentional and has a negative affect on the play. 

10) In Man-to-Man Defense, defenders that are guarding someone on the weakside (side that the ball is not on) then they can play on the helpline in the paint provided they are 1-2 steps off the line from the ball to their man. If their man moves to the ball side or the ball moves to the side their man is on then the defense should shift to guard their man. This may not be a denial of their man as they can play in a gap to help on the drive but they should not remain in the paint unless their man is on the block. 

11) No full court press with 20 point lead. Once the lead gets to 20 points there will not be pressing allowed again until the lead is under 20 points. 

12) Each team will have 1 full time out in the first half and 2 full timeouts in the 2nd half. 

 Games are to be played at scheduled times not before.
-Allow 50 minutes per game.
-The game 
will be a forfeit if a team is not ready to play 5 minutes after the scheduled start time. 

*Game Balls must be provided by the Home Team
-5th, and 6th grades will use a women’s size 28.5
7th-8th grade will use the Men’s ball.

***Clock Operator to be supplied by VISITING TEAM.
***Scorekeeper by HOME TEAM. 

-End of season Tournament will be single elimination.
-Teams will be seeded dependent on how individual team finish in league play.
-Depending on the number of teams in each age group, the tournament may be split into separate brackets based on competition level.

-Tie-breaker will be head to head with each other, total points allowed, and then point differential with a max of 20 points per game.
-If more than two teams are tied then tie breaker automatically goes to total points allowed and then point differential.

-All teams need to have reversible jerseys or 2 sets of uniforms with numbers.
-If a team has players with the same number please work with officials and official scorer.
-No player can play without his uniform. NO EXCEPTIONS 

Roster Rules
 -Rosters are allowed a maximum of fifteen (15) players, 2 coaches, and 1 scorekeeper/timekeeper. -All players must be rostered and have a parent signed waiver in order to participate.
- Proof of age and / or grade is required for all players on roster. Acceptable proofs of age are; clean photocopies of birth certificates, adoption papers, or immigration papers.
-Proof of grade is a clean copy of any report card of the current school year or school document that indicates current grade level. Teams are required to have proof of age and grade upon check-in.