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Coach Williams is one of the best coaches/mentors I have ever had. Training with  Coach Williams I have learned so much about player development and understanding the game correctly. He's a coach that can coach and teach at a very high level while bringing the best out of any player. Coach Williams is a great coach because he understands how to develop players while building a successful team. He does all this while still teaching the game the right way. Coaching, Progressing players, and helping them understand the game correctly is what Coach Williams does best.

Jalen Adams (Pro)

Truth Sports has not only helped our daughter become a more experienced athlete; it has helped develop her self-confidence, given her the opportunity to gain friendships, and encouraged her to walk in faith on and off the court. It’s not just an experience, it is a mentorship in all aspects of life!

Heather  Harvey

Truth Sports has taught my son complete confidence on the court. The staff connects with these kids in a way that is indescribable. They bring a positive attitude along with teaching self-reflection and the response they get from the kids shows in the way they play. My son has learned amazing ball handling and shooting skills from Coach Jeremiah. As well as mental and physical training from Coach Taylor. The Coaches bring a never give up attitude while enforcing the fact that sometimes you may feel defeated but how you react will determine your success. Truth Sports has become our family. 

Courtney Rice (Parent)